Travel Benefits with The Ferry Traveller

Ferry Traveller is dedicated to offering passengers a safe and pleasant traveling experience, adhering to stringent safety protocols such as regular maintenance checks and staff training sessions. In response to COVID-19 pandemic concerns, several measures such as increased sanitation/disinfection measures; social distancing strategies; as well as mandatory use of face masks have also been put in place by this company.

Why travelling by ferry with Ferry Traveller can be profitable:

Seattle Ferry Terminal- Seattle is one of the top tourist spots in Washington state and its ferry terminal offers services to Victoria, British Columbia and San Juan Islands – two popular tourist locations.

Anacortes Ferry Terminal – Anacortes, located on Fidalgo Island, boasts an idyllic ferry terminal which connects passengers with San Juan Islands, Sidney and Victoria.

Bellingham Ferry Terminal – Bellingham is located near Canada near Whatcom County in Washington and features the Bellingham Ferry Terminal for ferry service to destinations like Victoria BC and San Juan Islands.

1. Competitive ticket prices:

One major perk of travelling by ferry with Ferry Traveller is its more cost-effective ticket prices compared to air or train travel, making this mode of transport attractive for budget travellers or families looking for cost savings during their vacation.

2. Comfortable and Spacious Seating Areas:

Ferry Traveller provides spacious yet cozy seating areas on its ferries to provide passengers with maximum relaxation during their voyage. These ergonomically-designed chairs provide plenty of legroom and cushioning, perfect for longer journeys.

3. Extensive array of onboard amenities and entertainment options:

Ferry Traveller offers passengers a selection of onboard amenities and entertainment options designed to keep them entertained during their journey, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, shops cinemas even spas or swimming pools on certain ferries.

4. Ferry Traveller Offers Convenient Departure Times and Frequent Schedules:

Ferry Traveller makes travelling simple by providing convenient departure times that fit their busy lives, helping passengers plan trips easily while finding one to suit. This feature can particularly assist those on business or with tight travel plans.

5. Mesmerising Landscapes and Seascapes:

Travelling by ferry offers one of the greatest advantages imaginable: magnificent sweeping vistas of surrounding seascapes and landforms. Ferry Traveller’s routes often pass beautiful coastal regions or landforms where passengers can marvel at breathtaking vistas while taking amazing photographs that capture memorable memories.

6. Outdoor Activities and Adventures on Ferries:

Ferries can offer travellers endless outdoor adventures such as whale-watching trips or hiking excursions, which makes ferries particularly appealing to travellers interested in discovering local areas through participating in outdoor activities and adventures. This makes travelling even more appealing!

7. Knowledgeable and welcoming staff and crew:

Ferry Traveller’s staff and crew have long been known for providing great customer service, making the ferry travel experience as pleasant as possible for its passengers. Their friendly representatives can always be found available to answer questions, offer recommendations or assist with any issues which arise during a voyage.

Ferry Traveller takes passenger safety very seriously and has put in place various protocols and measures designed to promote passenger wellbeing, including regular cleaning and disinfection of ferries, social distancing measures and mandatory mask-wearing requirements.

Ferry Traveller provides an effortless booking process, offering both online and customer service options to make booking a ferry ticket easy for passengers. They can search available routes, compare ticket prices, book their ticket either directly online or with customer service representatives, then complete payment in just minutes!


Exploring Washington State by waterways can be an excellent way to experience its stunning natural beauty, plus travel by ferry provides opportunities for outdoor adventures and stunning scenic vistas of surrounding landscapes and seascapes. Be sure to confirm their safety and health policies, then book your ferry ride soon so as to maximize the potential of your visit to this incredible region!

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