Auli Tourism – Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting Auli Tour Package

Introduction of Auli

One of the best keep secrets of Uttarakhand that has still not been explored by many is Auli, which is in the Chamoli district of Garhwal.

Auli tour has something in this place for everyone- sports enthusiasts can try their hands at skiing, nature lovers will be able to enjoy old oaks, apple orchards, and pine trees scattered in the snowy Himalayas, while those looking for relaxation can simply enjoy the lovely weather.

These reasons are the ones which are making Auli tour packages known amongst travelers as the years go by.

Auli stands at a height of 2800 m above sea level, allowing you to admire the tall Himalayan ranges of Mana Parvat, Nanda Devi and Kamat Kamet.

The pristine environment in this area can leave you spellbound, and at times even make you forget that you are still in India.

In the local language, Auli is called “Bugyal”, which means green meadows, which, in fact, get covered by white snow during winter.

In fact, the first-ever SAF Winter Games in 2011 was held at this destination. A number of ski resorts, located within short distances of each other, adorn this hilly destination.

Most Suitable Plan For Auli Tour:

3 days and 2 nights will be the most suitable among Auli tour packages, especially when you are coming from New Delhi.

From Haridwar en route to Auli, you can visit Srinagar dam, Maa Dhari Devi temple, and Devprayag. The next day, post breakfast, you will get to experience the thrill of skiing under the guidance of an expert instructor.

This will also be broken down into two sessions- before and after lunch. During your return journey, you will have experience a surprise in Joshimath.

When you take up one of the Auli skiing packages, you will get to reside in one of the gorgeous ski resorts here, as decided by the tour operator.

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Details about this will be communicated to you at the time you choose one of the Auli tour packages.

If not a ski resort, do look for suitable accommodation in a 3-star hotel here. Communicate the idea that you wish to learn skiing properly, and all your needs will be taken care of by the reputed tour operator.

Best Time to Visit Auli:

Image Credits: Tripoto

Auli remains a perfect vacation spot throughout the year. However, Auli’s best time to visit is either from April to June or from October to February.

Auli in summer presents a very pleasant climate, while winter offers a fairytale-like setting. January-March is the best time to go if you wish to witness skiing festivals and championships.

The area does have artificial snow throughout the year as well so you can enjoy skiing at other times too.

Auli Weather Throughout the Year

Month Weather Activities
January Cold, Snowfall Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow Trekking
February Cold, Snowfall Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow Trekking
March Cold, Beginning of Spring Skiing, Snowboarding, Nature Walks
April Cool, Spring Blooms Nature Walks, Photography, Camping
May Mild, Spring Blossoms Nature Walks, Camping, Cable Car Ride, Photography
June Mild, Pleasant Hiking, Nature Walks, Cable Car Ride, Photography
July Mild, Occasional Rain Hiking, Nature Walks, Photography, Sightseeing
August Mild, Occasional Rain Hiking, Nature Walks, Photography, Sightseeing
September Mild, Beginning of Autumn Hiking, Photography, Nature Walks
October Cool, Autumn Colors Hiking, Photography, Nature Walks, Sightseeing
November Cold, Pre-Winter Hiking, Photography, Cable Car Ride, Nature Walks
December Cold, Snowfall Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow Trekking

Note: Weather conditions may vary slightly from year to year. Always check local forecasts before planning activities.

Things To Do in Auli

Auli tour packages will provide you options to visit some or all of the following places:

  • Auli Artificial Lake-

    Considered as one of the world’s highest man-made lakes, it was created for the purpose of providing artificial snow and is at a high elevation.

Auli Artificial Lake
Image Credits: Himalayan Buzz
  • Chattrakund-

    You will find crystal clear water in this small lake, situated at a height of 3300 m above sea level. The lake is surrounded by lush green forests and is at a distance of 4 km from Auli.

Image Credits: Flickr
  • Kwani Bugyal-

    Kwani Bugyal is a meadow which is virtually untouched by man, providing gorgeous views of the snow-capped Himalayas. It is recognized as a trekker’s paradise, at a height of 3380 m above sea level.

    The route for trekking is Joshimath-Auli-Gurso Bagyal-Kwani Bagyal. Trekking route distance is 13 km from Auli.

Kwani Bugyal Trek in Auli
Image Credits: Holidify
  • Gurso Bugyal-

    This is another place with gorgeous green meadows and coniferous vegetation, situated at an elevation of 3056 m. It is 3 km from Auli, and Chattrakund is just 1 km from here.

Gurso Bugyal Trek in Auli
Image Credits: Auli Tour Packages
  • Chenab Lake-

    A crystalline lake near Joshimath, it attracts a number of tourists despite the rough terrain.

Chenab lake
Image Credits: Tourist Places
  • Narsingh Temple-

    Also known as the Narsingh Badri temple, it is a famous temple in Joshimath that houses Lord Vishnu’s fourth incarnation (Narsimha), which is half man and half lion.

Narsingh Temple
Image Credits: Holiday Travel
  • Auli Chair Lift-

    If you want to get to the skiing slopes, this is one of the most fun ways to reach there. The chair lift has no specific schedule, but it runs every minute during the operational hours. A two-way ticket here costs INR 300.

  • Auli Ropeway-

    One of the top attractions with respect to Auli tourism, it is the longest ropeway in Asia, preceded only by the one at Gulmarg.

    The cable car is also called Gondola and connects Auli to Joshimath, a distance of 4 km.

Auli Ropeway
Image Credits: India Tourism

Auli Tour Itinerary:

The following itinerary is for 3 Day 2 Night and is the most suitable for an enjoyable visit to Auli:

Day 1:

Travel from New Delhi to Auli, a total distance of about 373 km, crossing Haridwar on the way. If you are fond of river rafting, you could certainly get your sense of adventure here.

Even if the adventurist in you is not that excited, make it a point to take a dip in the holy Ganga. You can visit the famous destinations Maa Dhaari Devi temple, Devprayag, and Srinagar dam.

Enjoy a delicious meal at your hotel in Auli and relax for the night.

Day 2:

You will need to leave at 7 am to enjoy skiing on the second day. A trained skiing instructor will be waiting for you at the destination.

While learning how to ski in Auli, you will learn to play with snow during turns, slides, and ploughs. Once this is done, you will be allowed to proceed for lunch, post which you will be taught attaining balance, standing, and braking.

Consider this as a major achievement for having learnt something that most of your friends do not know. Following this, you could visit the Auli artificial lake and Chenab lake.

Both these views are breathtaking and will compel you to spend several hours here. Do so till the time you are awakened by your tour operator.

The Chenab lake is a trekker’s paradise, one that is virtually unexplored by most. The serene and natural environment is bound to have you begging for more.

Adventurists will love the untouched aspect of this area, as it is impossible to navigate all the way of using cars and bikes. If your tour operator allows, be sure to set up a camp amidst this perfect greenery.

Day 3:

Visit the Kwani Bugyal and the Gurso Bugyal. The latter, Gurso Bugyal, is at an elevation of 3056 m and is just a 3km trek from Auli.

Green pastures, tall coniferous trees, and oak trees will make you feel as part of a fairyland. At 3380 m, you will be able to see snow-capped peaks from Kwani Burgyal.

Dunagiri and Nanda Devi are clearly visible from here. The best time to trek here is from June to September. Soak in the beauty- have lunch here and leave for New Delhi in the afternoon.

Auli Distance From:

From Distance to Auli (in kilometers)
Delhi, India 500 km
Dehradun, India 295 km
Haridwar, India 310 km
Rishikesh, India 270 km
Joshimath, India 16 km
Badrinath, India 55 km
Nainital, India 340 km
Mussoorie, India 300 km
Shimla, India 525 km
Manali, India 490 km
Agra, India 620 km
Jaipur, India 730 km
Mumbai, India 1,730 km
Kolkata, India 1,590 km
Bangalore, India 2,280 km
Chennai, India 2,330 km
Kathmandu, Nepal 750 km
Pokhara, Nepal 530 km
Lhasa, Tibet 1,460 km
Kathmandu, Nepal (Flight) Approximately 210 km (Air distance)
Delhi, India (Flight) Approximately 350 km (Air distance)

Note: Distances are approximate and may vary based on the specific route taken.


Auli tour packages will provide you a welcome break from the heat of the plains this summer. You will also feel rejuvenated after breathing easy in the mountains.

And if you are a couple, Auli serves as a wonderful romantic destination. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now!

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