Let’s Tour Bharat is a platform which uncovers the beauty of India. The blog is operated by two travel savvy peripatetic brothers named Rahul Singh Negi and Rahil Joshi. The mission of this blog is to show the natural beauty of India.

Being travel blogger the traveling duo explores the beauty and present it to people around the world.

India is known for its beauty and spiritual values and this platform will showcase all that is hidden here.

Rahul Negi belongs to the mountains of Himalaya. He joined the travel industry after his college. With years of traveling throughout India, the Himalayan hunk keeps on exploring more and more beautiful places in India.

Rahil Joshi belongs to the Land of Royal People, i.e. Rajasthan. The Jodhpuri nerd, loves to travel coast to coast and discover what is within the spirit of this great nation.

So, let dive in the pool and Feel the beauty of India from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari and from Arunachal Pradesh to Rajasthan. Know about landscape, culture, rituals, and sovereignty of the great nation.