Gangotri Dham: A Complete Tour Guide for You if You are Planning a Trip.

Gangotri Dham, the origin of the Holy Ganges is a sacred place that is visited by thousands. Home to many shrines and temples, Gangotri is a place of refuge for pilgrims and devotees.

Being the divine land of Goddess Ganga, Gangotri is famous for its temples that lure in millions of pilgrims from across the globe. The town is located at a distance of about 300 km from the city of Dehradun, near to the Indo-Tibetan border.

Apart from being a holy town, Gangotri Dham is also reputed for its enchanting natural vistas that siphon in many tourists from around the country.

Why Visit Gangotri Dham?

If you are looking for a place to recharge your spiritual batteries, then Gangotri Dham is the place to be. Abode of the goddess Ganges, this serene place will warm your soul and energize your tired body cells.

Legend says that this is the birthplace of the goddess Ganga who ascended from heaven to cleanse the sins of King Bhagirath. It is also a part of the Char Dham Yatra making it a very sacred spot.

Apart from being a sacred town, Gangotri Dham is also a fantastic tourist place that is ideal for family groups, holidayers and peace seekers.

The snow-kissed mountains, gurgling streams, and hypnotizing environs make this place a haven for nature buffs. A trip to this enchanting place will ease your stress and fill you with celestial bliss!

Gangotri Dham Weather Throughout the Year

Month Average Temperature (°C) Precipitation (mm) Weather
January 1 49 Cold, Snowy
February 3 48 Cold, Snowy
March 7 47 Cool
April 12 24 Mild
May 17 17 Pleasant
June 19 64 Warm, Rainy
July 18 134 Moderate Rainfall
August 17 105 Moderate Rainfall
September 15 63 Pleasant
October 12 20 Cool
November 7 6 Cool, Dry
December 3 32 Cold, Snowy
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Note: The weather conditions and precipitation values are approximate and may vary.

Places to Visit in Gangotri Dham

Situated in Uttarkashi, Gangotri is one of the famous pilgrim centers that boasts of ancient shrines and temples. Apart from religious centers, there are also other places of interest in Gangotri that make it a favorite holiday spot. Given below are some of the choices.

  • Gangotri Temple:

    Gangotri Temple

Built in the 18th century, this ancient Hindu temple is one of the most visited places in the country. Made fully of white granite, this grand temple is the abode of Goddess Ganga.

Cuddled cozily on the laps of the majestic Himalayan ranges, this tranquil place will fill your heart with eternal peace and happiness.

  • Harsil:

    Harsil, Uttarkashi

Another place of interest that you need to check out during your trip to Gangotri is Harsil. This unexplored valley of Uttarakhand is an apt place for those who seek serenity and peace.

Nestled cozily on the laps of the Bhagirathi River, this charming place is a perfect hideout for nature buffs and holidayers alike.

  • Surya Kund:

    Surya Kund

Located very close to the Gangotri Temple, Surya Kund is a renowned pilgrim spot that is visited by many devotees. Many people come here to bask in the energy of the divine and attain celestial bliss.

Nature lovers also make a beeline to this place to get spectacular views of the Surya Kund waterfall, which is as stunning as the place itself.

  • Jalmagna Shivling:

    Jalmagna Shivling

This amazing place is home to Shivling that remains submerged in Gangotri most of the summer. It is one of the prime tourist attractions in Gangotri Dham that one should not miss.

The Shivling is visible only during the winter season. Thousands of visitors flood the place during winter to witness this amazing spectacle.

  • Gangnani:


Those who wish to get in touch with their spiritual side need to visit this charming village. Known for its exotic location and peaceful ambience, Gangnani is the perfect place for meditation.

The calm environs, stunning mountain views, and breathtaking landscapes will make your trip to this place an unforgettable one. During your trip to this village, you must also visit the thermal water spring and go for a holy dip.

Hotels in Gangotri: Coves of Comfort

Finding a good place to stay in Gangotri Dham is not a daunting task as there are many good hotels to choose from. Some of the top three-star hotels in Gangotri include:

  • Harsil Char Dham Camp

  • Prakriti Retreat

  • Shiv Parivar Resort

All these lodging properties come with state-of-the-art comforts that range from meticulously furnished rooms to doctor on call.

These hotels also provide other facilities that include laundry services, LCD television, delicious cuisines, etc. Booking of rooms can be done online through travel sites and discounts can be availed.

Irrespective of the star ratings, the budget hotels offer a decent stay at a pocket-friendly price. A majority of the pilgrims opt for economic hotels and these come as a blessing in disguise for them.

Hotels that fall under this category include GMVN Bhaironghati – Tourist Rest House, and GMVN Gangotri TRH Yatri Niwas, among others.

If you do not wish to waste a lot of money on your travel, you can opt for these friendly hotels and enjoy yourself to the core!

Gangotri Dham Tour Packages:

It is always best to plan in advance when you go on a trip to Gangotri Dham. The best time to visit this holy place is during the month of June when the climate is pleasant and ideal for taking part in a variety of activities.

To make the best of your journey, you need to check out the various tour packages in advance. Given below are some of the tour packages that you can check out.

  1. Kedartal Trek – 6 days

  2. Chardham Tour – 10 days

  3. Chardham Tour Package for 9 days from Haridwar

  4. Gangotri Dham Yatra from Dehradun By Helicopter

The tour packages are designed to suit every traveller’s choice. Tourists can choose a package of their choice based on their schedule. Booking of packages can be done online at the click of a mouse.

Places to visit near Gangotri Dham

During your trip to Gangotri Dham, you can also check out some of the nearby places such as Uttarkashi, Kedartal, and Dodi Tal, among others. If you wish to experience something out of the ordinary, you need to head to Dodi Tal.

It is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Ganesha and holds great importance in history. Many come to this lake to bask in the spiritual aura and enjoy the stunning vistas of nature.

Gangotri Dham Distance From

Distance to Gangotri Dham and Travel Time from Famous Places
From Distance (km) Time by Road (hrs)
Delhi 500 12-14
Dehradun 250 8-10
Rishikesh 300 9-11
Haridwar 300 9-11
Mussoorie 350 10-12
Yamunotri 200 7-8
Kedarnath 300 10-12
Badrinath 250 8-10
Joshimath 200 6-8
Auli 250 8-10
Guptkashi 300 9-11
Chopta 350 10-12
Almora 400 11-13
Nainital 450 12-14
Ranikhet 400 11-13
Corbett National Park 400 11-13
Mukteshwar 450 12-14
Binsar 400 11-13
Chamoli 200 7-8
Chakrata 400 11-13


Reaching Gangotri Dham is not a tiresome task as the place is well connected to other cities via bus, and air. So what more do you need?

Book your tour package, pack your bags and get ready to go on a journey that will make you come back for more!

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