Weekend Getaway – Thar Desert Safari Outing

Are you planning to enjoy a memorable tour with your family in this forthcoming vacation? Then why not plan for a trip to the desert? Not offshore, but onshore!

Yes, it is all about the Thar Desert in Rajasthan that will astound you with some exclusive and mesmerizing moments. Let us get introduced to the going-to-be safari trip!

Experience the Actual Beauty and Grace of Rajasthan

India is gifted with highly remarkable beauties and grace that attract people from all over the world. The Thar Desert is among them!

Its bravura citadels along with colorful and magnificent villages have made it a wonderful spot for tourists. Till date, you have heard about the rich culture and remarkable historical background.

But now, it is high time to experience the same with your naked eyes. Are you waiting to enjoy camel safari? Most welcome! A ride on the camel will give you great exposure to the astounding beauty of the desert.

In general, safaris in Rajasthan are carried out on camels. Rajasthan, as it is crystal clear from the name that it was a princely state with a wide number of:

    • Palaces
    • Richly carved temples
    • Courtyard mansions

Thar Desert Safari – Getting You Introduced to Remarkable Places of India  

Thar Desert

Thar Desert safari will definitely get you introduced to some of the well known and top remarkable places in the Indian History. The highly well known ones include:

    • Lodurva, at a stone throw distance from Jaisalmer
    • Anasagar oasis
    • Sand dunes of the Samm
    • Moolsagar water source
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These days are all about traveling on a camelback so that you may easily enjoy the rich culture along with heritage and colorful lifestyle of Rajasthan.

During the evening, do not miss the entertainment and festivals. Ranging from folk dances to puppet shows, each and every activity will definitely be an enjoyable one.

Come and Explore the Life of Villagers in Rajasthan

Village in Rajasthan

Do you want to get an exposure to the lifestyle of villagers? Come and visit Rajasthan! Camel halts will give you an exposure to the actual lifestyle of villagers dwelling in deserts.

One must not stay back in experiencing the ubiquitous experience of sand of the Thar Desert. After getting to know about the exclusive beauty and grace of the safari, it is time to become prepared.

Camel safari is really an exciting and highly adventurous experience. But you need to remain fully prepared so that the entire journey becomes free from all sorts of hassles.

Truly, the temperature is one of the biggest issues. It may either scorching sun or highly chilled night. It may range from zero degree to thirty degrees.

Essentials to Include Making the Journey Hassle Free

Below are some essentials that you need to include in your baggage so that camel safari really becomes an enjoyable experience:

    • Sun hats with largely sized rims
    • Both cotton as well as woolen dresses
    • Scarves along with umbrellas and sunscreen to prevent sunburn
    • Mineral water along with knife and torch
    • First aid box including some medicines

These are some important things that must be carried right from your abode. After reaching the spot, you need to hire an experienced guide.

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He will give you full exposure to the Thar Desert with gusto. The moment you start getting some expert stories, the enjoyment level of your journey will become doubled.

Thar Desert Safari – On Camel Hump

Desert Safari

Rajasthan is truly a land of myths as well as folklores. Thar Desert safari that too on the back of the camel will give you the golden opportunity to explore the beauty of Rajasthan in a luxurious manner.

Places in Rajasthan that will give you an exposure to the actual beauty of the Thar Desert are:

    • Jaisalmer
    • Bikaner
    • Jodhpur

Along with the desert safari, you will get some additional spots to enjoy like Jai Temples of Ramkundra, monuments of Badabagh, Pearl Palace, Mandore Gardens, Mehrangarh Fort, wildlife sanctuaries, Junagarh Fort and many more.

The list is endless! You will really appreciate and relish the exotic beauty of the bucolic state of Rajasthan. Along with camel safaris, you must choose a short trek all around to take and enjoy the beauty of the Thar.

Let us see how to reach the Thar Desert!

How to Reach the Thar Desert

Thar Desert

Reaching Thar Desert remains no more a herculean task. There are numerous routes towards this spot, but it will be better to plan your trip from Delhi.

The capital city of India holds numerous routes due to which there is no need to think twice before finalizing your tour! Some of the easiest ways to reach the Thar Desert from Delhi are:

    • Flight
    • Buses
    • Railways
    •  Cab
  • Thar Desert Distance From:

    From Distance (km) Time by Road (hrs) Time by Train (hrs) Time by Air (hrs)
    Delhi 600 10-12 10-12 (Direct) 1.5
    Mumbai 1050 16-18 16-18 (Direct) 2
    Jaipur 350 6-7 5-6 (Direct) 1
    Agra 700 12-14 12-14 (Connecting) 1.5
    Varanasi 1250 20-22 22-24 (Connecting) 2.5
    Kolkata 1900 30-32 32-36 (Connecting) 3.5
    Chennai 2100 36-40 36-40 (Connecting) 3.5
    Bengaluru 2000 34-38 34-38 (Connecting) 3
    Udaipur 400 7-8 7-8 (Direct) 1
    Jaisalmer 0 0 0 0
    Ahmedabad 600 10-12 12-14 (Connecting) 1.5
    Chandigarh 850 14-16 14-16 (Direct) 2
    Amritsar 850 14-16 14-16 (Direct) 2
    Shimla 800 14-16 14-16 (Direct) 2
    Manali 900 16-18 16-18 (Direct) 2
    Leh 1200 20-22 20-22 (Connecting) 2.5
    Srinagar 1100 18-20 18-20 (Connecting) 2
    Goa 1300 22-24 22-24 (Connecting) 2.5
    Rishikesh 800 14-16 14-16 (Direct) 2
    Kathmandu (Nepal) 1500 24-26 24-26 (Connecting) 3
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Numerous travel and tour companies have come to help candidates like you to make your tour a highly memorable one.

You can book your tickets through online mode by placing a few clicks. Also, you can download apps on your mobile phone and access the site as per your convenience.

If the journey remains smooth, everything will remain alright!

Get a Home Outside Your Home

The moment you depart out of your abode, you will search a next home where you can rest and refresh yourself. Along with concentrating on your luggage, you need to search for a guest house or hotel comprising a homely atmosphere.

After logging in to the web, you will come across a wide number of choices that will shorten your work.

It is a good idea to compare sites so that you can get an idea about the market. More you research, easier it will become to make the final choice.

Better to go through terms and conditions to avoid any last minute rush. Rajasthan is full of hotels that will give you the treatment of a king. Start planning at the earliest!

Good News for Shopaholics

Are you a shopaholic? Then the tour to Thar Desert will really be an enthralling experience as Jaisalmer is attached closely to it.

You will come across numerous markets that will give you the touch of the medieval period. Ranging from exclusive collections of Rajasthani embroidery to mirror work, everything is available.

You need to bargain to enjoy your shopping.  Happy journey!

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