Hippie Jetsetter: How I Found My Love for Private Air Travel

I was a bit jittery as I got ready to charter my first private jet. After months of planning and saving up, I was finally able to afford the luxurious experience. I had been living the hippie lifestyle since the 1960s and it felt surreal to be taking such an indulgent trip.


The plane ride was smooth and peaceful, with no turbulence or delays. We flew high above the clouds and enjoyed breathtaking views of the countryside below us. This was in stark contrast to my usual mode of transportation; hitchhiking across the country with nothing but a knapsack on my back.


Upon arriving at our destination, we were met by ground personnel who loaded our baggage onto a golf cart for us and escorted us into the main terminal building. There, we received VIP treatment and headed directly for the private jet lounge where drinks were served. After settling in, I took a few moments to appreciate how far I had come from my days as a countercultural activist. 

Private Jet

The flight attendants were polite and attentive throughout our journey, providing excellent customer service that surpassed anything you could expect from an ordinary airline flight. The level of comfort they provided made me feel like royalty. Once aboard, we enjoyed comfortable seats and plenty of legroom while snacks were served before takeoff. 


As soon as we took off, all anxieties about flying melted away as I marveled at the plush interior of our charter airliner and its amenities—from reclining chairs with built-in massaging capabilities to swivel tables for writing or eating meals during flight time—it truly felt like being wrapped in luxury from head-to-toe! 


The flight was over too quickly, but it had been a fantastic experience I knew I’d never forget! Sure enough, when my feet touched down back on terra firma after disembarking from the aircraft, I didn’t want it to end; this adventurous journey had changed me forever—filled with revelations about wealth disparity between classes along with a newfound appreciation for luxury travel that money can buy!


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