China has ordered the lockdown of 9 million people in Changchun due to the virus

China announced on Friday that it had effectively shut down Changchun the city, with a population of about nine million, as there has been an increase in the amount of individuals recently infected by the novel coronavirus has been rising in the city’s northeastern part.

The city’s government also announced that it was beginning to carry out PCR tests for all residents within the city, since the government Communist Party has pledged to keep implementing the strict “zero COVID” policy.

Residents of Changchun must take PCR testing three times. There is a family member permitted to go shopping for food items and other necessities of daily life on a daily basis. There are no corporate activities in the city. temporarily suspended.

In Changchun there are more than 70 persons, which includes those with no signs, were found to be infected by the virus since the beginning of the month according to health officials.


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